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Home Sweet Home: Modern House with a Stunning Garden and Equipment Included!

In a wonderful story of determination and creativity, the owners of this amazing property set out on a mission to create a stunning garden right in front of their home. It was a challenging task as they had to dig up a large area of land to bring their vision to life. However, their hard work and dedication paid off, resulting in a breathtaking garden that enhances the already impressive view of the nearby mountains from Kimironko.

Creating Sustainable Homes for Clients - From Real Estate Agent to Environmental Assessment Expert

Victoire had always been fascinated by beautiful homes and their unique styles. From a young age, she would often browse home decor magazines and watch home renovation shows, dreaming of the day when she would be able to create beautiful spaces for others. So when she decided to become a real estate agent, it was a natural fit. Victoire worked hard and quickly became one of the top agents in her area. She was able to sell homes quickly and for top dollar, always highlighting the unique features and styles of each property.

Breaking Barriers: Umutako Wooden Art Inspires Young Women in Real Estate and Interior Design Industry

Umutako Wooden Art is a successful business owned by a young woman in Rwanda who is inspiring others in the real estate and interior decor sector to follow in her footsteps.

Fidela Umuhoza, after completing her university studies, she worked in event planning and social media marketing before discovering her passion for designing and producing woodcraft using technology.

At Umutako Wooden Art, she collects wood leftovers from construction sites and carpeting workshops to create beautiful materials that decorate homes and public spaces. 

Green City Kigali Pilot Phase to Begin, FCBStudios selected to design the Master Plan

The Green City Kigali, the first of its kind in Africa, pilot phase will now begin.

The selected designer, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBStudios) is an award-winning British architecture firm, has been selected to develop the Green City Kigali master plan and detailed designs for the Green City Kigali pilot phase.

What will the accommodation market in Rwanda benefit from CHOGM22?

After being postponed twice due to the pandemic, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will finally be held in Kigali, June 20-26. Preceded by several forums, the official opening of CHOGM 2022 will take place on Friday June 24 and will be followed by the main high-level meetings of heads of government from Friday June 24 to Saturday June 26.

Helping local customers as well as diaspora requesting mortgages, construction, and home equity loans.

Bank of Kigali (BK) on Friday March 4 launched a mortgage center as part of the bank's strategy to develop the retail segment.

“It will help people know all the related information and help them financially, among other benefits,” said Diane Karusisi, BK's chief executive.

Rwanda ranked fourth investment destination in Africa

Rwanda has been ranked fourth in investment attractiveness in Africa according to a latest ranking by the Rand Merchant Bank (RMB).
RMB is a leading African corporate and investment bank which is part of Firsthand Bank, one of the largest financial institutions on the continent.
In their 2021 release on top 10 investment attractive countries in Africa, RMB relied on indicators such as operating environments, fiscal score and development plan.
Rwanda notably moved up the ranking to be the fourth from the ninth place last year.

Amwe mu mayeri akoreshwa, uburyo wakwirinda ubwambuzi bushukana mugihe ushaka kugura imitungo itimukanwa


Polisi yerekanye abakekwaho gushaka kugurisha imitungo y’umuturage mu bwambuzi bushukana.

Mu gitondo cyo kuri iki Cyumweru tariki ya 18 Nyakanga Polisi y’u Rwanda yeretse itangazamakuru uwitwa Niyonsaba Marcel w’imyaka 40 na Mbarushimana Emmanuel w’imyaka 41. Bakurikiranweho kugerageza kugurisha ikibanza kirimo inzu y’umuturage, babikora mu buryo  bw’ubwambuzi bushukana bakoresheje inyandiko mpimbano.

Solving Africa's housing deficit also requires pan-African solutions among other possible solutions


“It always seems impossible until it's done,” said Nelson Mandela. This inspirational quote could serve as a mission statement to raise funds to tackle Africa's huge affordable housing deficit.

It would seem strange to make a case for multilateralism, at a time of Covid vaccine nationalism and Brexit unilateralism, but Africa, on the other hand, is embracing it.

“Itegeko rishya riraha ijambo nyir'umutungo ndetse n'uwuteza muri cyamunara” - Anastase Balinda


Biteganijwe ko ikoranabuhanga n’itegeko rishya bizafasha gukuraho amanyanga yakorwaga muri cyamunara

Abanyarwanda mu ngeri zitandukanye barishimira ko itegeko rishya riha ijambo nyirumutungo ndetse n'uteza cyamunara; ibintu biteze ko bizakemura icyo bita iteshagaciro ry'umutungo rya hato na hato ryajyaga riboneka muri cyamunara.

Harnessing Diaspora Investments to Build Affordable Homes in Rwanda

The power of diaspora investors is under-recognised and could act as a catalyst for increasing capital investment into Africa’s affordable housing sector. African migrants are often driven by personal economic incentives (family friends or networks) to guide their investments but are increasingly looking at the growth of African economies and the resulting investment opportunity of their home countries or across the continent. Investment performance is increasingly becoming a key factor.

Umuvunyi Mukuru Nirere Madeleine, yaburiye abantu bemera kwandikwaho imitungo itari iyabo. Avuga ko baba bari kwishyira mu mazi abira.

Hakunze kumvikana kenshi abantu bandikwaho imitungo y’abandi, bigakorwa na ba rusahurira mu nduru bashaka guhisha uburyo babonyemo iyo mitungo akenshi buba bunyuranyije n’amategeko cyangwa se ari umutungo wa Leta warigishijwe.

Mu kiganiro cyaciye kuri Televiziyo Rwanda cyari kigamije kuvuga ku kurwanya ruswa n’akarengane, Umuvunyi Mukuru, Nirere Madeleine yibukije abantu ko abemera kwiyandikishaho imitungo y’abandi ari ikwirahuriraho umuriro.

Investments in the real estate sector accounted for 48% of all investments recorded in Rwanda in 2020


Despite the drop in investments attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected the global economy, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) recorded investments worth US $ 1.3 billion in 2020, a decrease of 47.1% from the previous year, 2019, where RDB recorded investments worth US $ 2.46 billion.

Real estate and construction and manufacturing accounted for 68% of all investments registered at 48% and 20% respectively. Other sectors that attracted significant investments include agriculture, ICT, energy, mining and financial services.


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