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Looking for a property to buy or to rent (house, apartment, offices, buildings...) ?
Let everyone know what you are looking for by posting your request online.
  • We will send it by email to our partners realestate professionals
  • Owners and commissioners will be able to submit matching properties online.
  • Submitted properties are sent to you through your email
Rental Request
  • Self-service: you post your adverts
  • Appears online as soon as possible
  • Sent by email to over 50 Real Estate professional agents
  • Shared on our social media
  • Receive offers through your email
  • Publication period: 2 months
Buying Request
  • All services provided to Rental Request Ad
  • It appears on our homepage for maximum visibility
  • Also sent by SMS to over a hundred of Real Estate professional agents
  • We hide your personal details on request
  • Edit/Change content anytime
  • We do the administration checks of the property on your behalf
  • Customised service is available on request (administration checks, brokers, ...)
Premium Property Request
Price on request
  • High priority request, We perform due diligence on your behalf
  • We shortlist/visit submitted properties and send you a report of the best ones
  • We carry out the administrative work
  • We assist you in negotiations with the property owner
  • Customized service. We adapt our service to your needs.