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  • Cyamunara i Busasamana
    Ref: 1CNZQH6WMB
    Southern Province, Nyanza, Busasamana
    Starting value: 19,400,000 (rwf)
    Time left:
  • Cyamunara i Nyamirama
    Ref: NN4Y6ZPP3K
    Easter Province, Kayonza, Nyamirama
    Starting value: 8,100,000 (rwf)
    Time left:
  • Cyamunara i Nyarugenge
    Ref: 5BU8Y1XFPF
    Kigali City, Nyarugenge, Nyarugenge
    Starting value: 16,500,000 (rwf)
    Time left:
  • Cyamunara i Kinazi
    Ref: BG568S4MAG
    Southern Province, Ruhango, Kinazi
    Starting value: 9,170,000 (rwf)
    Time left:
  • Cyamunara i Runda
    Southern Province, Kamonyi, Runda
    Starting value: 15,062,000 (rwf)
    Time left:


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