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Property details

Advert type: Sale
Price: 165,000,000 Rwf
Bedrooms: 3
Total floors: 1
Address: Kigali City, Kicukiro, Gatenga
Property type: House
Bathrooms: 4
Plot size: 320.00 m²
Furnished: No
Expiry date: July 03, 2024

Property description

Inzu igurishwa kicukiro rebero bisambu:

  • Inzu netage irikurikaburembo
  • Inzu ifite Ibyumba5
  • Igikoni cyomunzu 
  • Salomange
  • Parikingi3

Contact details

Please use the details below to book a visit of the property.
Contact name: Niyonsaba Jean Paul
Cell phone: +250788358401
Email address:

Advertiser agent

Phone number: +250788358401
Location of interest: Kigali City, Rwanda

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